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Many traders resort to strategies based on breakouts, support and resistance breaks, trend lines, trend line breaks, and countless other strategies. It all works out when you are backtesting and you feel confident. 
But as soon as you enter, price moves the opposite way, grabs your stop loss, and eventually moves in your direction.
Does that sound familiar? We've all been there and it's frustrating..we know!! 
But, there's a secret that only a few successful traders know about. ..
Our 15 professional trader team has been trading for 9 years. We’ve analyzed the market 24/7, tested different strategies, and powerful tools to get success in Forex trading. 
We Kept Digging and Analyzing, And What We Found Shocked Us!
The world’s leading banks control over 79% of the Forex volumes. And this provides the power to control the prices in the short-run and long-run. Traders try to apply strategies to the market which is not controlled by them. This is the reason for such a high failure rate in this market.  
  • If your goal is to trade the market more efficiently
  • If your goal is to pick the right direction 
  •  If your goal is to catch big market moves
  • ​If your goal is to avoid fake market movements
PAFX SECRET INDICATOR will give you access to an amazing secret strategy that we use to trade successfully so you can use our very own trading strategy and become the most successful trader
PAFX SECRET INDICATOR: The Underground Strategy
There is no holy grail in trading.. but 'PAFX Sniper Indicator' is the closest you can get!! 

PAFX SECRET INDICATOR will give you access to an amazing secret strategy

That we use to trade successfully so you can use our very own trading strategy and become the most successful trader. 

Trading is a game of probability. As speculators, we want to increase our probability of winning in a certain trade... now ask yourself, when are you most likely to have the highest probability? The answer is, when you are riding a move with the banks and institutions..

YES, banks and institutions are the biggest players of the markets. So, as retail traders we want to buy when banks are buying, we want to sell when banks are selling... that makes sense right?

Now, how would you and I identify what the banks are doing? That is exactly where our indicator comes in.

Banks frequently manipulate asset prices to hunt for retail traders' stop losses. How they do it is by raiding price above or below supply demand zones, significant highs and lows.

Consider this situation, you see a resistance zone, you prepare for a potential sell... You put a sell position from the resistance zone and boom!! Price moves above the resistance and hits your stop loss... Candles are starting to close above the resistance and you quickly shift your bias from a sell to now a buy... As the resistance is broken, you think to yourself, the broken resistance is now the new support and price should continue upwards... you enter a buy position and boom!! Price starts melting downwards and you're left confused, baffled and frustrated..
This whole situation could have been avoided if you only knew if a support/resistance/zone break is valid or not. Is it a legit breakout? Or is this the banks deliberately moving price to hunt for stop losses? 

Now to find the solution of this problem, we developed our very own indicator with secret tools that we have access to, in order to spot institutional money flow and determine original direction of the banks. We do this by engineering institutional accumulation & distribution and measuring 'real' buying and selling pressure.

The use of this indicator is extremely simple. If you see, price has broken a high but our indicator has not, it simply means that the high is fake and you should look for selling opportunities. Vice versa, if price has broken a low but our indicator has not, it means that the low is fake and you should look for buying opportunities..
Voila!! As easy as that. The best thing about it is how easy it is to utilize in live market environments. With this indicator, you can finally ride big moves with the banks and hedge funds... and the secret to be in the top 4% of traders is to be in the direction of the banks and hedge funds more often than not..
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